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Rizact rizatriptan may not be safe or suitable for all patients.

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Undesirable effects may be more common during concomitant use of triptans5-HT 1B1D agonistsand herbal preparations containing StJohn’s wort.

‘Tension type headacheis the most common type of headache experienced by most of us in our life.

In patients receiving propranololthe 5mg dose of RIZACT Tablets should be usedup to a maximum of three doses in any 24-hour period.

In patients receiving propranololthe 5mg dose of RIZACT Tablets should be usedup to a maximum of three doses in any 24-hour period.

It is not known whether this drug is excreted in human milkBecause many drugs are excreted in human milkcaution should be exercised when rizatriptan are administered to women who are breastfeedingRizatriptan is extensively excreted in rat milkat a level of fivefold or greater than maternal plasma levels.

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