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Threadworms are easily transmitted and frequently the whole family becomes infestedWhen a family member becomes infested by threadworm the entire family should receive treatmentEven the cleanest and most careful people can become infested.

PregnancyThe available published literature on mebendazole use in pregnant women has not reported a clear association between mebendazole and a potential risk of major birth defects or miscarriagesSeveral published studiesincluding prospective pregnancy registriescase-controlretrospective cohortand randomized controlled studieshave reported no association between mebendazole use and a potential risk of major birth defects or miscarriageOverallthese studies did not identify a specific pattern or frequency of major birth defects with mebendazole useHoweverthese studies cannot definitely establish the absence of any mebendazole-associated risk because of methodological limitationsincluding recall biasconfounding factors andin some casessmall sample size or exclusion of first trimester mebendazole exposures.

Do not use VERMOX in children under 2 years of ageunless directed by your doctor.

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